The intent is truly a fountain of resources and knowledge. It can even be named as the always-open and the biggest mall of the universe. But just as resourceful as it is, you need to be careful when you are walking amongst the cyber streets of the internet very much. That’s since there are serval harmful things up there too, just like the real world. There are many ways on how to stay out of trouble and you need to implement these actions given that we all use the internet on the daily basis.

Here are 5 such ways.

  1. Don’t use the same password everywhere

The first thing that a hacker does when they get ahold of one of your passwords is trying them on all the other accounts that you own. It is realistically effectively in their perspective. That’s why you need to break this cycle. Remember to use completely random passwords for each and every account. This doesn’t mean changing the last two digits but taken as whole. Write them down on piece of paper and put them in your cupboard; simple.

  1. Avoid revealing your personal info

You could be coming across all sorts of people in the internet. Especially at dating sites. What you need to understand is that the world is corrupted than you think it is. No matter how attractive the person is, no matter how good they text, unless you are absolutely sure and a little more that they’re harmless, do not reveal sensitive info, period.

  1. Install firewalls and antiviruses

Antivirus guards and firewalls are the two most important things that help you to stay away from all the cyber troubles. As long as they are well updated and of great quality, no one will be able to access your devices at any time. This is why you should purchase licensed anti-virus guards; they’re more effective.

  1. Follow the community guidelines

If a social media network says not to do something, don’t do it. The more you violate the terms, the more you are exposed to the world as someone who needs to be tamed. As it was mentioned earlier, the cyber world isn’t safe at all.

  1. Stay out of dark and deep web

It is said that the web that the general public get to access to is less than 10% of the internet. Although the statistics might not be so accurate, the majority of the intent is deep and dark web. There are things in these places that sane people should not see. The moment you walk through the door, you will be facing risks that affects your life. Isn’t that enough stay away altogether?