Whether you want a grand celebration with all the family members and friends or you want a quiet celebration with only your closest friends, you can’t escape the list of duties when it comes to wedding planning. Here is a list of things that you need to look into when you are planning your big day.

Set a Budget

A wedding means that you have to spend a quite bit for all the things such as food and invitations and decorations as well as entertainment and attire. In order to make sure that you spend your money is an organized way where you will not spend unnecessarily and irresponsibly, setting a budget is a great choice. This way, you can even allocate a certain amount of money for several tasks and decide how much you will exactly need to spend on the wedding.

Choose a Venue

There are plenty of venues you can choose to host your day. It can be a simple celebration in your church or the backyard. If you want an outdoor celebration in a unique quite place then choose a vinery, riverside or the beach. Whatever the venue you choose to go by, book the place a little early so that you can talk with its managing staff of the venue and get to know of their policies regarding photography within the place or the dress code.


If you are planning to have a little fun at the wedding and is having a theme for the day, you need to come up with a good attire to match the theme. But if you want to go the classic dress and tuxedo, then talk with a designer or a stylist and design the attire that is perfect for your body shape. There are many places where you can purchase wedding and bridal gowns in Melbourne so it is not difficult to start dress hunting. Just know which styles match your body before you start shopping so you have an idea of what you want.


Another important event is the food. Talk with your partner and decide what you are going to exclude from the menu and what are we going to include in it. You need to add enough food and beverages for the guests. You might also want to include a dish or two that is vegetarian for your guests who will be vegetarian as their needs have to be taken into consideration if them. Also be mindful of the weather too and try to accommodate the needs of the guests accordingly. For example, add some cool drinks such as lemonade during a hot summer day.


Send invitations to guests as early as possible. This is due to several reasons. Your guests will have enough time to move their work or studies if the wedding is on a weekday. Especially if this is a destination wedding, never forget to inform them beforehand since they need to prepare for the journey too. Also, letting them know of the wedding earlier will help you to find out quickly who will be coming and who will not. This gives you a rough idea on how much guests will there be and the content of the food you should order.

Following these ideas will help to plan the big day in an organized manner and you can work on the wedding without too much stress.