Plus-size clothing used to be a daunting task for most. It can be hard to find the right pieces off a brick-and-mortar store so you have to turn to online shopping for this. With online shopping, you can get trendier styles and at cheaper rates. While the task may still pose some challenges, here are a few tricks you use to make shopping online more comfortable and find the size that fits.

There’s No Universal Sizing

While you may be a size 25 in one brand, it could be a totally different size for a different brand. Thus, you need to have a measuring tape on hand so you don’t get caught up on the tag’s sizing. Most retailers have a size guide where you will find a more accurate measurement.

Know Thy Fabrics

You don’t have to be an expert when it comes to fabrics. However, it will help you a great deal if you know how it behaves before you purchase online. Some fabrics are given to stretch, some might require down-sizing and other may have no stretch quality at all. When you know how it ‘behaves’ prior purchase, then you’ll know whether you’ll need to scale up or scale down the size.

If you’re not sure how to go about this, you can search for customer reviews. More often, customers will be commenting on the quality and fit of the clothing. It is also good to check fashion bloggers who wore similar styles so you can check how it fits them and how well it’s made.

Trust In Your Shapewear

There is still a possibility of a hit or miss when you buy plus size women’s clothing online. So when this happens, a comfortable shapewear should do the trip. There are various types to choose from all focusing on certain points to ‘smoothen out’. If you happen to purchase a product online and it shows some ‘bulk’ on the sides, a good waist shapewear could still help you rock the look. All is not lost when you have this on hand!

Take Note Of The Brands

Certain brands will give you the fit right away after a few purchases. You know you can trust them because most (if not, all) your purchases have been successful. In a way, you are familiar with the brand’s cut and style that is to your liking. It’s also less stress since you know that their sizing matches yours and this makes purchasing easier on your end. Checking labels will be a second priority at this point and time. So when you shop around for clothes, take note of the labels so you don’t have to ‘second guess’ your next purchases.

Color Is Key

You don’t have to keep wearing monochrome colors just because it is the best thing that works for you. Go for light colors and eye-catching patterns that draw attention to specific points in your body. If you have an hour-glass figure, draw attention to your waist instead of your thighs or shoulder. To keep it safe, you can take advantage of vertical patterns to give the illusion that you have a longer torso and slimmer figure.