Smartphones, tablets and even laptops have reached new heights of success as at 2018. But they all share one weakness; the battery power. It doesn’t matter how big the capacity of the battery is, it will drain mid-day if you’re using the devices in the ways they should. This is why investing in a powerbank is idea. It doesn’t matter whether you go on a trip, forgot charge the phone overnight or even if you’re suffering a power cut, it wouldn’t matter. But there are many factors to consider when buying one.

  1. The physical dimensions

The reason why high quality powerbanks are heavy is due to the weight of the lithium battery. In fact, you must ensure that they weigh enough. On the top of that, you shouldn’t got for unusually long or thick ones since that would hinder the ease of use. You don’t want to tear up your pocked trying to put both the phone and the powerbank in, period. Hence, go for something that is optimally shaped always.

  1. The battery capacity of the devices that they’re used on

The charging mechanism behind the powerbank is simple. Let’s assume that the powerbank can hold up to 10000mAh and the device’s battery capacity is 2500mAh. What’s 10,000 divided by 2500? 4; which means that the device can be charged up to 4 times from 0 to 100. Some people actually don’t know how to relate the battery capacity with the supply. You need to find out the battery capacity of whatever the device is, before buying a powerbank always.

  1. Brand

Does the brand matter? It actually does when it comes to powerbanks. It’s not like apparel; the quality of the powerbank directly affects the device. That’s why you should never ever go for cheaper things but for something branded. On the other hand, it’s not you will buying on each year; why not buy a great one once and for all.

  1. Availability of in-built cable

Will you always remember to take the data cable with you? No. After all, what’s the point of buying a powerbank that doesn’t come with a cable? But it would be quite convenient if there was a cable built in the device itself. That way, you don’t have to worry about leaving the cables at home.

  1. Nature of the indication of power level

How are you going to know on the status of the power level is vital for a power bank. After all, how can you decide whether they need to be charged or not? Hence, go for something with clear indication so using them will not be hard.