Are you thinking of getting a set of cool tee shirts done for the guys in your gang? It’s a cool idea indeed, especially when you are popular and climbing the ladder of fame. Outfits are just a cool way of creating identity and making impressions. If you’ve started working on the idea, here are some of the key things you’d think about as you go.


Design is the first thing you would want to think about and have sorted before anything else. If you are a funky rock band or belong to some sort of amusing entertainment, you’d want to choose a print or design that suits your identity.

You could opt for artistic illustrations, or just keep it super casual and simple by opting for symbols, a quote, a phrase, or just a word that reflects something about who you are! You could opt for hilarious and super insane designs if you wish, particularly when your group is into crazy entertainment stuff, like rock music, comedy, or anything of the sort. Have a look here for the wildest but the coolest designs that might be just the type of thing for you guys.


When you’ve made a decision on what you want to have on your t-shirt, you then start looking for guys who can have them made for you perfectly. Quality is important, because you obviously will be putting hard work, money, and time into the whole thing. Above all, it’s something your entire gang is going to be excited about, and so, you wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect.

Look for guys who are known for making unique and cool stuff, but most of all, the guys who would do an excellent job! It’s not just the quality of the art work and design that you’d think about, but overall quality and durability of your clothing, so that you cannot just present yourselves in it at public occasions and gatherings, but also that it will last with you a lifetime!


As much as quality and expertise will be your main concerns, you also need to think about pricing. Even though the too experts will guarantee you the best stuff, you certainly wouldn’t want pay ridiculously high prices for it. While it surely isn’t going to be super cheap to make an awesome bunch of custom made tees, you still could consider a quoted price and take a look at sample work and other stuff to figure out if it’s reasonable, and if you’d have value for money in the end.

Customer Service

Last but not least, you’d want the folks to be super friendly and considerate about what you are expecting of this whole thing. Ideally, they’d be as enthusiastic as you are to get done exactly what you picture. They’d be open to opinions and suggestions, because they know that the customer’s requirements and expectations are all that matters. If you’ve found guys who are super talented, friendly, excited, and full of enthusiasm and will make the best stuff, look no further!